Tuesday, July 29, 2008

07-29-08 Update

My cartooning is on hold temporarily! I´ll still be drawing in Chile, but I might not be scanning and posting for some time.


Sunday, March 30, 2008

03-27-08 Gordon Lightfoot, Waukegan

03-29-08 My brother Jeff

03-26-08 The Boredoms

03-25-08 Cultural Center Cafe

03-24-08 Homeless


Happy Easter!

Did you see find any Easter eggs?

No, we saw a little bird though.

03-21-08 Andy, Katy, & Andrew

03-15-08 Flower Man, Kimball Ave

03-13-08 At Northwestern

03-09-98 Bartender, Uncle Mike's, Kenosha

03-07-08 Sailor, Great Lakes Naval Base

03-06-08 West Rogers Park

03-05-08 Waiting for the light, Monroe & Lakeshore

Him: You are not from here.

Me: Not originally, but I live here now.

Him: I am from Oak Park. I come to Chicago to buy a Chinese newspaper--in Chinatown.


Me: I like Chicago.


Him: I like the lake.


Him: You are very young. 16!

Me: 25!

Him: Still young!

03-04-08 The Bananas Have Barcodes

03-02-08 Billy Goat Staffer

Friday, February 29, 2008